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Blacklist Module

After repeated displays of fraudulent activities, the user comes insight as someone whose further actions could not be trusted. Then to save time & avoid future inconveniences, OE provides the brand to exercise its liberty of adding that user’s email ID and contact number to Blacklist, and permanently banning him from placing an order again.

  • Click on Utilities module from sidebar.

  • Then click on Customer Blacklist from dropdown.

  • Click on Blacklist tab, user will land on Blacklisted Customers segment.

  • Click on “Add ” button.

  • A mini window will appear.

  • Add the customer’s contact number in Phone Number field, his email ID in Email field, and the choose one of the reasons of why user is blacklisting the customer from the Reason dropdown field.

  • Click on the Save button, and the customer will be added to the blacklist.

  • If, in any case, user want to remove a customer from blacklist, clicking on the remove opposite to Customer ID, it will remove the customer from Blacklist.


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