Release notes - HYPR - Version 1.3.0

New Features

As a user, I want a category landing page, so that I can access all categories.

  • Category Landing Page was added, just in the case of Adnoc.

As a user, I want a new feature(favorites), so that I can add items to my wishlist for ordering them in the future. - WebApp

  • Users can add items to their wishlist and order them later in the future.

  • Each store will have its own wishlist.

New version of Hypr Packer with new features.

  • Hypr Packer 11.9V

New version of Hypr Delivery with new features.

New Mobile App for Gala SuperMarket, so that I can order different products - Android

Mobile App & Web App - Will be released in the coming Week

Mobile & Webb App for EB & Sons

Coming Soon! - Next Week

As a manager, I want If a user is blocked/blacklisted from the admin portal, then the user should log out from the Web App, so that error can be reduced.

add an Info Icon Button on the all stores page under the store, so that upon hovering user can view the details of the Store.

Rainbow Cash & Carry: Changes on the webpage.