Introducing the latest release notes for Hypr! In this release, we have made several updates and improvements to enhance the overall user experience. Let's dive into the updates!

XAP Portal

Enhancements in Product Tab
We always strive our best to enhance the experience for the end user. Now, users can download sample files with the correct format at their convenience so that the right file can be uploaded to the relevant tab and get the prices updated for single or multiple locations.

Edit Currency for Push Notifications
Retailers can now edit “Currency” as per the desired Country they want to send in Push Notifications to their customers on Order Placement, Updation, and Cancellation.
XAP > Settings > Account Settings > Currency

Web Application

Title and Meta Description Tags

These tags are HTML elements that provide information about the content of a webpage to search engines and users.
The title tag is displayed at the top of a browser window and is also used as the clickable headline in search engine results. It should accurately summarize the main topic of the page as shown in the picture below. Chaseup Grocery > Store - Gulistan e Johar > Category - Baby Care > Sub Category - Baby Food is selected.

Mobile Application

With the latest Version 8.6 available, you will get the improved UI/UX making the consumer experience simple and seamless.

OTP in Numeric Digits
One-time Passwords in Numeric digits have several benefits to the end user which include Convenience, Improved Security, and also making it easier for the end user to read and remember other than alphanumeric passwords.

Previous Version

Latest Version

No Internet Connection Screen
This screen is specially designed for the end user to provide feedback about the current state of the application and to prevent them from getting frustrated or confused by unresponsive or non-functional features that are unable to connect to the internet.
This clear message lets the user knows that the issue is not with the application itself, but with their internet connection, which encourages them to try again later.

UI Fixes in My Profile Section
The Address field and Asterisk were added as mandatory fields to save end-user information in the My Profile section.