Release notes - HYPR - Sprint 44 - Version 1.2.0

New Features

Send a pop-up notification to the end-users to update the app, so that all users have the updated app version - Mobile App

  • In Admin Portal, Settings, and then App Version.

  • We will mention the App version against each client and then click on update.

  • A Pop-up will be sent to the end-users for updating the app.

  • If a user doesn’t want to update the app, they can close the pop-up and continue using the app, when this session ends(the user closes the app) and after a while, another session starts, the same pop-up will come again on the app and same flow will be followed

  • For Example, If the 7.7 version is live, and we mention 7.0 on the admin portal, then the users that have a version less than 7.0 will start getting the update pop-up.

Only Admin User has access to this feature

Consumer App Release - 7.9V - All clients

  • Users can now select the time at which they want an order to be delivered.

  • Delivery time is selected from the admin portal.

  • Example - 30min is mentioned on admin, it’s 12 PM 28/04/2022 currently as a user I can select the date and time after 12:30 PM.



Raja Sahib

Punjab Beef Shop


Web App Features

Manually edit the quantity of the products while adding or after adding to the cart, so that the user experience can be improved.

address to be filled automatically in the address field on Checkout, so that UX can be improved.

Admin Panel Features
Delete the users from the admin portal, so that extra and old users can be removed.

CS Representative role access to view Coupon amount.

When Logged in as CS Representative, the user is not able to download the order dump.

Sales agent App alternative - Coupon Functionality

Total no of orders coming from the IOS App & Android APP on The dashboard

Top Announcement Bar on every page, so that I can see all the announcements.

Content Management

Announcement Bar

In Content Management, click Announcement Bar.

A. Select Company, Business Unit, and Cell.

B. Click GO to filter out all the announcement bars of the selected company.

C. Status of the current Annoucemnet bar is shown.

D. Annocuement bar can be edited from here.
Figure 1.1 shows and explains what happens when the user clicks on edit.

E. To create a new announcement bar

  • Figure 1.2 - shows Company level Announcement Bar

  • Figure 1.3 - shows Store level Anncouement Bar.

  • Figure 1.4 - on the Dashboard, the user can download the report by selecting dates. - that will be received via email.

Note: These will be enabled for both Mobile apps and WebApp.

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

How to create a coupon - Sales agent app Alternative

A. First give the name of the coupon you want to create.

B. Select “Sales agent“ from the checkbox.

C. Write the “Coupon Max Usage“ per customer of your choice.

D. Select the company.

E. If you enable “Allow Notification“, it will send a notification when a coupon is generated but if you disable this option, it will not send any notification.

F. Click on “Create“ and your coupon will be generated.