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Release Notes - November 2022

New Features

  • Add validation for Nigerian Number for Packer and Delivery App (Android & IOS)

Previously consumers can log in from their devices having a limited range of Numbers i.e 11. To resolve this issue for One of our Nigerian clients, we added a mobile validation of Min 9 digits and Max 12 digits. This enables the end users to get login with their 12-digit No. through the apps without facing any inconvenience.

  • Auto Sitemap generation
    (We added a feature where Hypr now has sitemap generation, this enables our search to be superior and improved. We generated an XML file listing all possible URLs of our storefront (only for enabled companies).

  • Privacy Policy & Delivery and Return Policy Page - Web App

  • Pop-up notification to the end-users to update the app - Consumer App

(We added a feature where users could get notifications about the latest updates about the app that prompt them to revisit the application. This enables the consumer to get the maximum benefit out of it).

  • Reorder function - Consumer App.

(User can reorder their existing orders while using this feature).

  • Customization of the currency into NGN

(We customized the currency for one of our Nigerian client. This enables the consumer to see the product prices in their respective currency).

  • Notification Alert to be shown if Discounted price is = or > Cost price - XAP Portal.

(We added functionality that notification alert should be shown when discounted price of a product is equal or greater to the cost or Hypr price).