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Release notes - HYPR - Sprint 48 - Version 1.4.6

Consumer Apps - Release. SHARE WITH THE CLIENTS

  • Some Minor Fixes and Improvements.

  • Android and IOS 8.1V - Live.

Chase Up

Adding products to cart specifically in quantity field - Consumer App. SHARE WITH THE CLIENTS

Packer App:
increase the quantity, and add a new product while editing an order, the product can be searched by SKU or Name, so that the packer app can be used as Mobile CRM - Packer App

Version 12.0 - Build 1.1

  • The store manager can now edit the orders directly from the App i.e. increase or decrease the number of items/products, and add new products/items on customer request.

  • Customer consent is taken and will be mentioned in the notes as well.

  • Packer can add anything related to the order in notes.

Delivery App:

Add an order returning reason at the time of Delivering the order, some pre-populated reasons(as per the admin portal), and custom reasons will be available, so that the store manager can know the actual reason for returning order

Change the payment method of the order from the delivery app when receiving payment, so that we can facilitate the end-user to use the desired payment method. - Delivery App

Version 12.0 - Build 1.1

  • What if the customer changes his/her mind at the time of delivery and wants to change the payment method? Yes! We have a solution!

  • At the time of the delivery, the rider can change the payment method directly from the Hypr Delivery App!

  • What if the customer was not available or the order was delayed because the customer and rider had to wait? How will the rider justify or keep a record? Yes! We have a solution!

  • The rider can add Notes at the time of delivery directly from the Hypr Delivery App and Manager can check the records of why the order was delayed.