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Features - XAP Portal

Facebook Pixel Support for Storefront

The objective is to integrate Facebook pixels with storefronts, resulting in a better and improved advertisement conversion rate. Integrating Facebook Pixel on your website has several benefits, including;

.Better ad targeting: Facebook Pixel allows you to track your website visitors' behavior and interests. You can use this information to create targeted ads that are more likely to resonate with your audience

.Improved ad performance: By tracking conversions and other important events on your website, you can optimize your ads to improve their performance.

.Custom audiences: Facebook Pixel allows you to create custom audiences based on specific actions taken on your website

.Lookalike audiences: Facebook Pixel can also help you create lookalike audiences, which can help you expand your reach and target new potential customers.

.Improved retargeting: Facebook Pixel allows you to retarget people who have visited your website but haven't converted yet. By showing them relevant ads based on their previous interactions with your website, you can encourage them to come back and complete a purchase.

Service Charges:

Introducing a feature where retailers now can charge a fee on a specific order. Service Charges refer to the additional fee or cost that a customer pays for the services provided by a business or service provider. The service charges are usually calculated as a percentage of the order amount, and the percentage rate may vary from one business or service provider to another or based on a specific location.

Web Application

Better Category Hovering Experience:

Hovering over a popover can provide users with additional information or functionality without having to navigate away from the current page. This can enhance the user experience by making it more efficient, intuitive, and convenient to access relevant information.

Mobile Application

Out of Stock Indicator:

Users can now easily distinguish the products that are “Out of Stock” on the Product Listing page and “Not Available Products” on the Favourite screen as in the attached screenshots below.

Customer Account Deletion
With this feature released on a mobile application, end user now has more control over their data hence an effective way to protect privacy and enhance the experience. Users can now initiate the Account Deletion based on their personal choice. Various benefits of account deletion are listed below;
. Protecting Privacy
. Reducing Clutter
. Saving Space on your mobile device
. Avoiding Unwanted Notifications

To Fetch App Version Dynamically - Consumer App
Users can now see the latest app version on their devices. Fetching the App version dynamically can have several benefits including;
. Improved user experience - Users can identify which version of the app they are using, also it allows users to check if they are using the latest version of the app and update it if necessary.

. Easy maintenance - You don't need to manually update the version number in your code every time you release a new version of the app. Instead, the version number is automatically updated, making maintenance easier.

. Better analytics: Knowing which version of the app the user is running can help improve analytics and better understand how users are interacting with your app.