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Release Notes - December 2022

New Features

Time to share exciting new developments with our followers, we are now LIVE with the New Web App Template for;

  • Punjab Beef
  • Rainbow

So, Here with the updated version, you can enjoy new visuals that are modern and intuitive, with a better design approach that is more catchy and with improved functionalities that make the user experience simple and seamless across the web.

Below you can see the detailed comparison of the New Web App Revamp with the old one screen by screen.

Old Template

New Template

Header Design

Login Screen (Pop- up appears on new tempate while Log In)

Change in PLP Screen

Product Detail Screen (Search bar showing on new template)

Cart Screen

Checkout Screen

Change in Menu Options

My Order Screen

Favorite Screen

Why Us Section



Hyper Packer App - Live on Google Play Store with an Updated Version 13.1 🎉

Here’s what’s new in Android Version (13.1)
Hypr Packer Revamp has a fresh look
The new visuals are modern and make the user experience simple and seamless across all roles being offered in the Packer App.
Date Filter
You can now see the specific orders by selecting the date range using the filter option given on the home page.
Dashboard Metrics
Users can clearly see the total no of all counts (New Orders, Accepted Orders, Packed and Dispatched Orders) on the dashboard.
Update Stock Option
The store manager can now update the stock option through the app.
Add/Delete Product option from the specific store
As a role of the store manager, you can now edit the order by adding any product from the specific store.
Status to be added (On Hold/Reject)
As a store manager role, access has been given to change the status of any packed order by putting it “On Hold” and “Rejected”.
Track Delivery status
Users can see any specific order’s delivery status by applying the date filter in the Delivery status tab.
Change the assigned Packer/Delivery Boy
The user (Store manager) can update or change the assigned packer in the accepted orders tab and the delivery boy in the packed orders tab due to any reason. 

Set-Up Screen - Consumer App

Users can maintain their profiles after logged In on the Set Up screen.

Track Order Section - Consumer App

This new feature was added where consumers can now track their orders in the Order detail screen. Status shown like (Order Confirmed> Order Prepared> Delivery in Progress > Delivered).

Awaiting Confirmation Filter - XAP

Users can now filter out the data by selecting Awaiting confirmation and Reserved orders in the Reserved Orders tab.

Items shown as highlighted if not exists on Selective Stores in Order Screen - XAP

Category & Sub Category On Order Export

Users can now view the column of Category and Subcategory while downloading CSV files on Order Export.