• When we select Products from side bar, this window appear

  • We can filter the Company name. BU, Cell from here

  • You can create product by selecting Create Product

  • Add all the required information and Select Create.

  • You can also edit the existing product by clicking on edit

  • Image can be changed, Category can be changed. (L1, L2)

  • Priority can be changed i.e. the product at the front end will be shown on this priority number.

  • Name, Urdu name, Size, Urdu Size, Cost Price, Stock Qty, Description, Brand, Urdu Brand, Unit, Urdu Unit, Hypr Price, Market Price, Max Items Allowed, Discounted Price, Tax-inclusive Yes/No, Consent required Yes/No.

  • Barcode can be printed and Product Status i.e. Enable or disable can be given.

  • Enter the updated information and select Update

Product on-boarding

  • Then to onboard products , select Product on-boarding, following window will appear

  • Select New products(multiple)

  • Select the file (in Excel or CSV format) which contains all information of your products which you are going to onboard

  • Select Save

How to Upload Product Images in Bulk

  • For uploading images of your products , select FOR BULK UPLOADING IMAGES , choose file

  • This should be kept in mind that this file contains the images and images should be saved with SKU code as their name

  • Later compress the file and select the compressed file while uploading

How to change the priority in Bulk

  • Click on Products from the sidebar.

  • Select Business Unit, and Cell.

  • In product onboarding, if you want to update multiple products click on “Bulk Update“.

testl1 (1).csv




Grocery - catalogue.csv



If SKUs are showing in Scientific format then Convert them as shown in Video and then Upload the CSV file to UPDATE PRICE/AVAILABILITY/STOCK (BULK).


Note - Once the CSV is updated, make sure you save it, and then update in bulk. During the process of uploading the CSV, don’t close it, otherwise it will revert back

How to add maximum items allowed Limit :