What is Hypr?

A headless, hyper-local commerce platform that allows businesses to get orders from nearby customers and then instantly fulfill them.

  • HYPR app comprises of last-mile delivery application, picker/packer application and the customer application all rolled into one, thus ensuring unhampered operations round the clock.

  • So, from product onboarding to finding the relevant retailer in the area and from tracking down the riders to getting the orders shipped and delivered; the HYPR app offers a one-stop solution for both B2B and B2C customers.

  • A fast and coherent user interface designed for efficient inventory management. Hypr app helps in getting more work done with less effort by sending scheduled low inventory and location-based stock quantity alerts.

  • Hypr app offers a set of easy-to-use product catalogs that can be customized according to your brand preferences. It helps in stock replenishment, location-wise product pricing, and bulk product onboarding by categorizing them as per their attributes.

  • Detail of each module along with its functionalities is given below:

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