Setting Product Display

Log In to XAP - Portal using your account credentials

  • Select a Product - Hypr

  • Select Products Tab > Apply Filter > Select relevant fields > click on Submit button.

  • Click on the option “Edit” against the product

  • The Update Product window will appear as shown in the picture below. Then Click on Categories > Select the relevant Category L1 under which you want to prioritize > then Subcategory L2 and prioritize accordingly > then click on Update

Important Use Cases to Remember:

Priority Zero (0) is not allowed to enter on the XAP portal. Secondly, it should not be zero as well if you are uploading products from a file. In Case you do, zero-priority products will be shown on top of the products list in that L2 category.

-Priority Null Xap portal won't allow you to set the priority as Null. But if you do, products will be shown on the last in that specific L2 category.

-Maximum Priority can be +1 or equal to the total products showing in that specific category. For Example, if you had a total of 10 products showing a specific category, the next priority to be set as 11. If you give priority to the product more than 11, it will show an error message like shown in the below picture.