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Currently, most of these sections can be Dynamically updated from the Admin Portal on Web Apps Only, soon they will be integrated with the Mobile App as well.

đź“™ Instructions:

  • Open the Content Management tab from the Admin portal.

  • Click on - Theme Setting.

The following Sections can be Added/Updated from the Admin Portal

⏫ Hero Section


  • Company logo

  • Favicon

Check this document for details - How to Update Header & Footer Logo, and Favicon.

Banners Section

  • Banners can be changed/added from the admin portal - Banner Management in Content Management.

Theme Colors

  • Accent Color

  • Background Color

SEO - Website - Home Page

đź“ś Delivery & Return Policy Page

1. Return and Exchange

  • All the content can be edited from here falling under Return and Exchange.

2. Delivery Information

  • All the content can be edited from here falling under Delivery Information.

📲 Contact Information Section

Add the following information

  • Head Office Address

  • UAN

  • Tele Sales(Whatsapp)

  • Call Center Timing

c. Email
  • Contact Email

Store Addresses (Section)

While Creating/Editing Locations from the Admin portal now following items have been made compulsory.

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Address

  • This information will be shown under the Store Addresses Section on the Delivery & Return Policy page.

  • Each store has its SEO as well, one can add SEO Title, Description, and tags.

  • Payment method i.e. Card at doorstep can be enabled and disabled for each location.

  • Then, click on - Update.

Why US! (Section - Carousel Slider)

Partners (Section - Carousel Slider)

⏬ Footer Section


  • The text which is shown under the Footer Logo

Footer Copyright

  • Reserved rights are added here.

  • The logo that is shown in the Footer is added here.

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

If any of the above links are not added, the social icon will not be displayed at the front end.

  • Play Store

  • Apple Store

  • AboutUs - If one wants to give any external link

  • Stores - If one wants to give any external link

  • Contact - If one wants to give any external link