How to Create and Manage Company/Business Unit/Locations

  • Click on Hierarchy from side bar

  • Select Company.

  • Select on Create company

  • Enter all the required fields.

  • Click on - Submit.

  • After creating them they can be enabled and disabled .

  • You can also edit the company information by clicking on edit.

  • To edit the company information, Select edit

  • A window will appear, enter the updated data

  • Description, and SEO Meta Tags

  • You can also add emails in this section. When a customer places an order, an email will be sent to the email addresses that are added in this section.

Similarly, Business units and locations can be created and managed.


In Locations you need to enter following details:

  • You can choose Delivery charge type in here

  • You can also set timings for your store from here

  • You can select MOP from this module

  • After entering all data, you can select Create location