How to Create/Edit Coupons

  • Here one can create coupons and give discounts to all customers or some selected customers under certain circumstances etc.

  • Notifications can be turned off as well.

Click on Create Coupon.

A. Give a unique name to a coupon.

B. Set Start and End Date.

C. Select type of Coupon, in this case, percentage discount is selected.

D. Mention % of discount that needs to be provided.

E. Minimum Discount Limit - at which user will be able to avail of this discount.

F. Max Discount Value - Maximum value discount that can be availed by the user.

G. Coupon Max Usage - Maximum number of times the user can use the coupon code.

  • Select Business Unit, Select Location.

  • One can enable and disable a coupon manually as well.

  • Coupon eligibility criteria can be determined here as well. It can be either for all users (in that specific location) or it can be assigned to some specific users in that location.

E. A fixed discount coupon can be created here as well.

  • All Fields remain the same, just Coupon Maximum Discount Value is removed, since now one can add fixed discount value as coupon discount.

Once all data is entered select Create Coupon.